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EdD Educational Leadership (Doctor of Education)


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Manning, JoAnn B.

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Thompson, Carol C.

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Purnell, Timothy J.


Differentiated, Individualized, Induction, Mentoring, Targeted


First year teachers; Mentoring in education; Employee retention


Teacher Education and Professional Development


The purpose of the mixed methods pilot study, which used qualitative interview data and quantitative survey data, was to investigate the impact of providing induction activities tailored to individual teacher's needs on new preschool to 12th grade teachers in their first to fourth year of teaching. The district's attrition rate has been significantly higher than the 30% attrition rate experienced across the nation. This study asks: How can an individualized targeted multi-faceted induction program for teachers in the first to fourth year of teaching prepare individuals for the responsibilities of teaching? From the perspective of mentors, principals, and teachers in their first to fourth year of teaching, how have induction opportunities addressed identified areas of need? Which instructional areas does a differentiated multi-faceted induction program positively impact for teachers in their first to fourth year of teaching? To what extent has the multi-faceted induction program provided opportunities for mentoring, collaboration, professional development, and reflection? The findings show how using a multitude of induction activities tailored to each teacher's needs positively impacted knowledge, skills, and practices and had a high correlation to satisfaction.