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EdD Doctor of Education


Educational Services and Leadership


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Manning, JoAnn

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Lown, Maris

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Galbiati, Jacqueline


Customer Service, One Stop, Staff Performance, Student Expectations, Student Satisfaction, Student Services


College students--Services for


Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to explore the student experience, in a One Stop Center at a public comprehensive community college located in the Mid-Atlantic region. This study utilized an explanatory sequential mixed methods analysis to assess the perceived impact of the centralization of functions on student satisfaction. Using expectation confirmation theory, customer satisfaction theory, and the researcher's professional experiences as a framework, the data collected allowed insight into the student experiences within an integrated one stop student service delivery environment. Five key findings demonstrated that further exploration of student needs and more frequent evaluation of services to meet those needs are required; students generally expressed feeling satisfied because their expectations of services were being fulfilled in the Center; students generally expressed feeling satisfied about the performance of service received in the Center; students returned to the Center for services due to a positive evaluation of their experience and the development of the Center has had a positive influence on satisfaction. Community colleges should find this information helpful for understanding the student experience, a phenomenon that is at the forefront of higher education through its potential impact on service quality and student satisfaction.