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M. A. Higher Education


Educational Services and Leadership


College of Education


Wright-Mair, Raquel

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Carter, Lakeisha

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Dale, Dianna


Awareness, Critical Consciousness, Fraternity, Racial Injustice, Student Development, Whiteness


College fraternity members--Conduct of life; Critical race theory


Higher Education


The purpose of this phenomenological study is to explore the experiences of fraternity members within the higher education system in New Jersey. One major goal of this study was to analyze the level of critical consciousness developed through involvement in a fraternity. While research exists on the fraternity experience in relation to race, and whiteness, not much has been examined to understand the experience of fraternity members in relation to these issues. By expanding this research, fraternity and sorority affairs professionals, student affairs professionals and fraternity national office staff can better understand the fraternity experience in relation to racial injustice awareness and critical consciousness. Findings from this study focused on alumni reflecting on their experience as an undergraduate member and analyzed how their experiences connect to racial injustice awareness. These findings highlight that there exists an alumnus disconnect with the organization in relation to these issues, as well as demonstrate how alumni continue their lifelong learning though the fraternity experience. Recommendations for further research and practice are outlined.