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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


Educational Leadership, Administration, and Research


College of Education


Ane Turner Johnson, Ph.D.

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Donna Tanzi, Ph.D.

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Karen Montalto Ph.D.


COVID-19; New graduate nurses; Nursing; Nursing Professional Development; pandemic; transition into practice


Nursing--Study and teaching; Nurses--In-service training


Nursing | Teacher Education and Professional Development


The purpose of this qualitative, realistic inquiry case study was to examine and understand the experiences of NPD educators as they assisted new graduate nurses transitioning into clinical nursing practice during the COVID-19 pandemic in acute care hospitals in the state of New York. Moreover, this research study sought to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic brought about changes to the NPD educator's role and their ability to assist new graduate nurses transitioning into clinical practice post-pandemic. The sample included NPD educators from acute care hospitals in the state of New York. Data collection included semi-structured interviews and document collection. The study found that during the COVID-19 acute care hospitals were unprepared and NPD educators were required to take on additional role and responsibilities. Furthermore, the study found that NPD educators were unable to adequately support the new graduate nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet new graduate nurses rose to the occasion and were willing to care for COVID-19 patients. Finally, the study found that new graduate nurses are less prepared to care for a diverse group of patients, and even though this was a stressful time, NPD educators remained motivated to provide care for patients and help the staff.