Veronica Schumann

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M.A. School Psychology-Professional School Psychology




College of Science & Mathematics


Dihoff, Roberta


Child care workers--Job stress


Child Psychology | Student Counseling and Personnel Services


This study's purpose was to examine stress and locus of control in daycare teachers. A literature review was conducted to explore the various aspects of daycare services in America. The factors of locus of control and stress were signified and investigated as separate entities. The interaction between the two factors was also explored. In order to explore these two factors, a survey was administered to 19 daycare teachers from two different facilities. The presentation of both internal and external locus of control was expressed in approximately 70 percent of the teachers who were surveyed. A mild level of stress was reported in about 50 percent of this sample. There was no significance when a Pearson correlation was used to analyze the scores of the two factors. The study as a whole implies the need for stress reduction among teachers, which can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Development of an internal locus of control reduces stress and can be accomplished through reality therapy (Peterson, Chang, & Collins, 1997). Incorporating aspects of reality therapy may be beneficial in teacher training programs and workshops. This study's biggest limitation was the small sample size. This sample may not generalize to the entire population of daycare teachers. Future variations of this study should use a sample size that is more representative.