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M.S. in Teaching


Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education


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McBee, Robin Haskell


Inclusive education; Science--Study and teaching (Elementary)


Elementary Education and Teaching


This action research project explored what would happen if interdisciplinary, differentiated instruction was used during a science unit on recycling in a fourth grade inclusion classroom of 20 students. The project also focused in particular on the progress of two throughout the project's implementation. Four differentiated techniques were used throughout the unit. These included a tiered writing assignment, student choice based on interests, centers, and a RAFT, which was a summative assessment that allowed for student creativity based on their own interests and readiness. Using field notes, journal entries, student grades, and student surveys the data revealed a notable difference between previous science test grades and the project grades, with the science project grades being higher than the test grades. Students also revealed a greater interest in writing assignments when the writing assignment is based around science concepts. Student writing greatly improved, with students being more engaged in writing and writing more when the writing assigned was based on science concepts taught in class.