Turning Toward Being: The Journal of Ontological Inquiry in Education (JOIE) is an online, open access, semi-annual, international, interdisciplinary refereed journal. Its mission is to explore and illuminate ontological inquiry in its various forms, methodologies, theoretical approaches, and practical applications within academia and beyond. The journal will consider for publication manuscripts that engage with ontological inquiry as it is practiced, theorized, and expressed within a wide range of contexts and disciplines. Manuscripts may take multiple forms and genres of writing and researching, including but not limited to researched argumentation, bibliographic essays, autoethnography, poetry, performance texts, multi-modal digital texts, creative nonfiction, cultural criticism, manifesto writing, and critical reflective essays. Short responses to previous articles as well as essay reviews of new and old works in the field will be considered to promote ongoing critical dialogue within the journal. Proposals for special issues, with thematically linked manuscripts, are encouraged.

See the Aims and Scope for an overview of the journal.

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The JOIE banner and cover art for Volume 1, Issue 1 were designed and created by Marley Schiman.

Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1 (2023)



Editorial Statement: Volume 1, Issue 1
Carolyne J. White, Margarida Garcia, and Drew Kopp

Peer Reviewed Articles

Notes from the Field



Turning Toward Being: The Podcast: Michael E. Zimmerman, Part 1
Michael E. Zimmerman, Drew Kopp, Curt Hill, and Carolyne J. White


Drew Kopp, Rowan University

Managing Editors

Carolyne White, Rutgers University, Newark

Margarida Garcia, University of Ottawa